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Brent M. Dingle, Ph.D.

Professional Games worked on by Brent Dingle

  • Dojo Danger

    by Kihon Games

    Dojo Danger is a top-down action strategy game reminiscent of old-school marbles infused with super powers, deadly traps, and kinetic power-ups! Choose from over 30 characters to create your team of Ninjas or Zombies. Each character comes equipped with their own special ability and unique play-style

    Team members: Mark Grossnickle, Brian Dellinger, Peter Nolen, Taylor Paul, Dan Kopycienski, Sean Paul, Brent Dingle, Kevin Webb

  • SketchPhrase

    by Kihon Games

    SketchPhrase is the hilarious drawing telephone game that matches words and wits with your friends. You will be on the floor laughing as you and your friends interpret each others phrases and drawings in this addicting turn-based drawing and writing game.

    Team members: Mark Grossnickle, Peter Nolen, Brent Dingle, Taylor Paul, Dan Kopycienski, Brian Dellinger, Bryan Rypkowski, Sean Paul, Kevin Webb