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Peer Reviewed Papers by Brent Dingle, Ph.D.

Other papers (both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed) can be found here.

My dissertation is available from the Texas A&M University library services: [dingle_dissertation.pdf ].


  • Teaching Strategic Lean Thinking Through Simulation Gaming
    To appear in: Proceedings of the 2015 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference
    co-authors: Thomas A. Lacksonen (Tom is the primary author) [pre-print pdf]

    Game shot - All World Wheelchair
    PRE-Submission to ISERC Game
    ** NOTE: this game was only Tested with Google CHROME **

    • Due to funding being removed from the UW-Stout budget, conference attendance was not possible. Thus this paper, while peer reviewed and accepted, was not published.


  • The Trial of Galileo: a Game of Motion Graphs
    Proceedings of CHI PLAY '14
    co-authors: Kenneth Patterson, Ian Pommer, Michael N. Flaherty, Alicia Griesbach, Bryant Seiler, John Leitner, Dylan Tepp, October 2014, pp.363-366: [pdf] [pre-print pdf]

    Game shot - Trial of Galileo
    PRE-Submission to CHI PLAY Game

    PRE-Submission to CHI PLAY Trailer


  • Keyframing Particles of Physically-Based Systems
    Proceedings of Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics
    Winner of Robert Fletcher Prize for Best Application Paper and Presentation,
    co-author John Keyser, June 2005, pp.11-18: [pdf] [pre-print pdf]